2 Day Alternate Shot Open

Fall Foursomes – October 3rd and 4th

Cost:      Members            $20 for prizes

Non-members  $50 per person, includes green fee for 2 days and prizes

(Carts sold separately at member price daily rate)

Flights: Men’s; Senior Men’s, Women’s, Mixed/Couples

Men who qualify may play from the senior/gold tee markers. (Age + handicap = 80 or more)

Format: Men’s, Men’s Senior and Women’s Flights will play a true alternate shot where one player will tee off the even numbered holes and the other will tee off the odd holes and then alternate shots until the ball is holed.

The Mixed/Couples Flight will play a Pinehurst format.  This is where both players tee off and the best drive is chosen; and then alternate shots.

Teams that have one partner playing the white tees and one playing the gold/senior tees will play in the men’s flight. Those who have both partners playing from the senior tees will play in the senior flight.

Tee times will begin between 9 and 10 depending on the forecast.  Specific tee times will be assigned a couple days before the tournament.

Teams may request pairings for this event.

Member & Member, Member & Non-Member, Non-member & Non-member teams are all welcome!

Register today by clicking here!


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