Sunday Sessions – August 27 with Tom Van Sant

Sunday, August 27, with Tom Van Sant

Sunday, August 27
4:00–7:00 p.m.
Live on the Tavern on the Tee Patio

Tom Van Sant reaches deep and wide for a diverse selection of folk, blues, rock and Americana, mixing familiar artists with songs from less famous songwriters who aren’t household names – but perhaps should be. Tom made his name as a radio DJ and programmer at stations in Vermont and California for 17 years. He has since embraced the performing side of the music experience. His repertoire includes more than 300 songs from the likes of Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Wilco, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison, the Grateful Dead, J.J. Cale, The Beatles, The Band, John Hiatt, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash.


News, Results and Upcoming Events – 8/15/23

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Sunday Sessions – September 10 with Duane Carleton

Experience the soulful melodies of rural America with Duane Carleton, as he takes the stage on Sunday, September 10th. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Sunday Sessions, a musical journey that unfolds from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the enchanting Ralph Myhre patio.

Discover the magic of Duane Carleton, an accomplished local Vermont artist who skillfully weaves stories of working class life through his music. His compositions beautifully depict the everyday heroes of small-town America, delving into their relationships and the challenges they face. With a unique blend of Rock, Country, Folk, and Blues, his music falls under the Americana genre, painting a vivid tapestry of emotions.

From heartfelt ballads to spirited rock anthems, and even thought-provoking political narratives, Duane Carleton’s songwriting evokes the spirit of The Band and The Allman Brothers, creating a musical experience that resonates with a wide spectrum of listeners.

For more information about Duane Carleton, visit: Join us in celebrating the essence of rural America’s voice at this memorable event.




Friday Fun Night – August 18 with Bruce Costello

Experience Live Music with Bruce Costello

August 18th at Ralph Myhre Tavern on the Tee Patio!

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of live music this Friday, August 18th, from 4 pm to 7 pm at the scenic Ralph Myhre Tavern on the Tee patio. Join us as we welcome the immensely talented local Vermont artist, Bruce Costello, to our stage.

Bruce’s Musical Magic:
Immerse yourself in the melodic world of Bruce Costello, a true New England musical icon. Known for his distinctive Hammond B3 organ sound, masterfully recreated with modern technology, Bruce’s music resonates along the eastern seacoast from Maine to Atlantic City.

Decades of Entertainment:
With a career spanning several decades, Bruce has graced the stages of New England’s hottest nightclubs, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances. From the Wobbly Barn and the Pickle Barrel in Killington to the Rusty Nail in Stowe and Nectar’s in Burlington, Bruce’s music has left an indelible mark.

A Lineup of Legends:
Bruce has lent his musical talents to various renowned bands throughout the years, including Jimmy ‘T’ & the Cobras, Trilogy, Katonah, Ivory, The Bridge, Nicki & the Whip, Rags, and Giroux & Costello.

Join Us and Feel the Vibes:
Don’t miss this opportunity to witness Bruce Costello’s musical prowess live on stage! Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering his music for the first time, this Friday promises an experience that will resonate long after the final note.

Learn more about Bruce on his Facebook profile: or better yet, join us on Friday and let the music speak for itself!


Sunday Sessions – August 20 with Chad Conant

Sunday August 20 with Chad Conant

Get Ready for a Musical Extravaganza!

Get your groove on as the incredibly talented Chad Conant takes center stage at the Ralph Myhre Golf Course Sunday Sessions! Join us this Sunday, August 20th, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on the picturesque Tavern on the Tee patio for an evening of musical enchantment that’ll leave you mesmerized.

About Chad Conant: Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Chad Conant, a musical virtuoso known for his incredible vocal range and captivating guitar skills. With influences ranging from blues to rock and folk, Chad’s music transcends genres, resonating with audiences of all tastes.

Explore Chad’s Music: From heartwarming ballads to foot-tapping anthems, Chad’s diverse repertoire will keep you hooked from the first note. Listen to his mesmerizing tracks online and get a taste of what’s in store for you this Sunday!

Date: Sunday, August 20th
Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: Ralph Myhre Golf Course – Tavern on the Tee patio

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and let’s make this Sunday a musical memory to cherish. Join us for an evening that will make your heart sing and your soul dance!

See you at the Ralph Myhre Golf Course Sunday Sessions – where music and memories meet!

Enhancing Your Golfing Experience: The Advantages of Professional Golf Lessons

Golf is a sport that blends skill, strategy, and patience, appealing to individuals of various backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice stepping onto the greens for the first time or a seasoned player aiming to refine your technique, there’s a compelling case for seeking guidance from a professional golf instructor, commonly known as a golf pro. Golf lessons from a pro offer a wide array of benefits that can help golfers at every stage of their journey improve their skills and derive greater enjoyment from the game.

**1. Tailored Instruction:**
One of the standout advantages of taking golf lessons from a pro is the customized instruction you receive. Each golfer has a unique swing, and a golf pro can analyze your approach, stance, grip, and overall technique to pinpoint specific areas for enhancement tailored to your distinct needs. Unlike generic advice found online, a golf pro provides tailored feedback, helping you establish a strong foundation and address individual weaknesses.

**2. Expert Insight:**
Golf pros possess an in-depth understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of the game. Their expertise extends beyond mere ball-striking, encompassing insights into club selection, course management, and shot strategy. Learning from a pro can help you gain a deeper comprehension of the game’s subtleties, leading to more informed decisions on the course and ultimately improved scores.

**3. Immediate Evaluation:**
In the realm of golf, immediate feedback is invaluable. A golf pro can observe your swing in real time, identifying areas that require refinement and suggesting adjustments on the spot. This instantaneous feedback empowers you to make modifications and practice with purpose, hastening your progress and preventing the formation of detrimental habits.

**4. Structured Learning:**
Golf lessons with a pro are structured and organized, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all facets of the game. From fundamental elements like grip and posture to more advanced techniques such as chipping and putting, a golf pro can design a lesson plan that builds upon your existing skills, fostering well-rounded improvement across all aspects of your game.

**5. Motivation and Accountability:**
Engaging with a golf pro introduces a level of accountability that can be challenging to achieve independently. Regular lessons create a sense of commitment to your improvement journey, motivating you to practice and apply what you’ve learned between sessions. The awareness that a knowledgeable instructor is tracking your progress can heighten your dedication to becoming a more proficient golfer.

**6. Boosted Confidence:**
As your abilities advance under the guidance of a golf pro, your confidence on the course will naturally grow. Heightened self-assurance can have a positive impact on your performance, enabling you to approach each shot with greater self-assuredness and composure.

**7. Long-Term Progression:**
Golf is a lifelong pursuit that spans years and decades. A golf pro can help you establish a strong foundation and continually refine your skills as you progress through different proficiency levels. This enduring partnership can lead to consistent advancement, making your golfing experience more gratifying and fulfilling.

In conclusion, considering golf lessons from a pro is a decision that can benefit golfers across all skill levels, from newcomers to seasoned players. The personalized instruction, expert insights, immediate feedback, structured learning, motivation, accountability, and confidence boost gained from working with a golf pro collectively contribute to a comprehensive and satisfying golfing experience. If you’re aiming to elevate your game, investing in lessons with a golf pro is a step toward enhancing your performance and deriving greater enjoyment from this beloved sport.

Both our head golf professional Paul Politano and our assistant pro Loyal Broughton pride themselves on giving fantastic lessons that are sure to improve your game.  We encourage you to sign up for a half hour, hour or even a series of lessons.

Ready for a lesson? Lessons have never been easier to schedule here at Ralph Myhre!  Simply call the golf shop, shoot us an e-mail or stop by to sign up (802) 443-5125 –

Or buy a package now and schedule later when you have time – Lesson packages are available through our online store

News, Results and Upcoming Events – 8/8/23

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News, Results and Upcoming Events – 8/1/23

This week’s newsletter includes news, results and upcoming events. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for the Club Championships and the Hawaiian Open!

News, results and upcoming events 7/25/23

This week we have a ton going on, including live music, two barbecues and the club challenge vs. Neshobe; details on upcoming events; news on our rescheduled Member Guest, and exciting news about Therapeutic Massage Services now offered at our club!

Yoga for Golf – 8/17/23

Yoga can be tremendously enjoyable and of terrific benefit to a golfer, both physically and mentally. In our class, we will attend to both body and mind, with an emphasis on having ourselves a good time. Our routine will be accessible to most everyone, mixed with a few challenges to keep you on your toes. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, I can practically guarantee you’ll love the relaxation meditation we’ll do at the end of each class!

Prem Prakash has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 40 years. He’s been teaching at Middlebury College since 1992, working in the PE Department and with numerous varsity sports teams. He is the author of several books on yoga philosophy, and passionate about sports, though still pretty lousy at golf.

The Ralph Myhre Golf Course in collaboration with Prem Prakash will be offering several yoga sessions this season.  Our next session is Thursday Aug 17 at 9:30 a.m. 

Location: Upstairs in the clubhouse main room. 

Cost:  Members $15.00  Non-Members $22.00


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